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Picture & Video Production
I'm a wedding videographer with a passion to educate brides and grooms on the importance of media and storytelling on your big day.

Trene Forbes
Photo: Trene Forbes
Fashion Styling
3-Months Before

How to Dress at a Wedding

Finding the appropriate attire for a wedding can be challenging, but this infographic breaks down different types of attire for a wedding. You can look your best, no matter what part you play in the special day.

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Kenny Clapp
Photo: Kenny Clapp
3-Months Before

How To Live Stream Your Wedding

Live streaming is a very popular way to share your wedding day with guests who can't attend. I share some tips on how to live stream from any venue and you don't even need your cell phone.

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Chip Dizard
Photo: Chip Dizard
Groom & Groomsmen
1-Year or More

The Groom's Guide to Wedding Planning

1. Your bride wants the perfect day, it’s our job to support them in getting that. It’s easy to get irritated with the details of the decorations and flower choices because honestly, you don’t care that much about them, but to your bride,

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